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  • Downing J, Namisango E, Connor S, Batanda P, Irumba LC, Basemera B, et al. The Declaration on
    Palliative Care in a Pandemic: report of the African Ministers of Health Meeting and the 7th
    International African Palliative Care Conference, held from the 24th to 26th August 2022 in
    Kampala Uganda & virtually. Ecancermedicalscience, 2022, 16:1474. DOI:
  • Rangaraj A, Connor S, Harding R, Pinto C, Chitembo L, & Ford N. (2022). Advanced HIV disease
    and health related suffering- exploring the unmet need of palliative care. Lancet HIV
  • Nevzorova DV, Siderov AV, Osetrova OV, Krakauer EL, Chwistek M, Connor S, Konson C,
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    Hospice and Palliative Care Day: A virtual coming together to support equity in palliative care
    access. Palliative & Supportive Care / Volume 20 / Issue 3 / June 2022
  • Arora M, Ralston J, Chugh A, Farmer M, Ngendahayo C, Singla A, Swaffer K, Chatterjee M, Perez
    CP, Connor S, Msengi G, Rouhi M, Fadhil I, Collins t, Fisher TJ, Fones G. (2022). Priorities and
    challengesamong youth and People Living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) led by the WHO Civil Society
    Work Group.
  • Bustamante L, Cawley RO, Downing J, Connor S, Muckaden MA, Phillips M, Icaza A, Gerzon N,
    Morgan K, Grunauer M, Nakashima Y, Mauser D. (2022). The COVID-19 Pandemic: Early ripple
    effects in pediatric palliative care. Integrative Pediatrics. DOI:
  • Finkelstein EA, Bhadelia A, Goh C, Baid D, Singh R, Bhatnagar S, Connor S. Cross Country
    Comparison of Expert Assessments of the Quality of Death and Dying 2021. J Pain Symptom
    Manag (2022). DOI:


  • Chowdhury MK, Ahmad N, Biswas F, Farheen N, Ferdous L, Maksoda D. Connor, S. (2021).
    Programme Evaluation: Improving the quality of life of older people in an urban slum in
    Bangladesh. Palliative Care and Social Practice, 15:1-10. DOI: 10.1177/26323524211063217
  • Rosa WE, Pandey S, Epstein AS, Connor SR, Nelson JE. The inaugural United States World
    Hospice and Palliative Care Day Celebration: A virtual coming together. Palliat Support Care.
    (2021);19(2):182-186. doi:10.1017/S147895152100023
  • Krakauer E, Kane K, Kwete X, Afshan G, Bazzett-Matabele L, Bien-Aime D, Borges L, Byrne-
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    Hasenburg A, Irwin K, Kamdar M, Kumar S, Quynh TNX, Randall T, Rassouli M, Sessa C, Spence
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    Palliative Care Needs of a Highly Vulnerable Population. JCO Glob Oncol, 2021 Jun;7:862-872.
    doi: 10.1200/GO.21.00025
  • Krakauer E, Kane K, Kwete X, Afshan G, Bazzett-Matabele L, Bien-Aime D, Borges L, Byrne-
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    cervical cancer. JCO Glob Oncol. 2021 Jun;7:886-895. doi: 10.1200/GO.21.00027.
  • Krakauer E, Kane K, Kwete X, Afshan G, Bazzett-Matabele L, Bien-Aime D, Borges L, Byrne-
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    Hasenburg A, Irwin K, Kamdar M, Kumar S, Quynh TNX, Randall T, Rassouli M, Sessa C, Spence
    D, Trimble T, Varghese C, Fidarova E. (In-press). An essential package of palliative care for
    women with cervical cancer: Responding to the suffering of a highly vulnerable population. JCO
    Glob Oncol. 2021 Jun;7:873-885. doi: 10.1200/GO.21.00026
  • Nevzorova D.V., Sidorov A.V., Ustinova A.I., Morev A.V., Krakauer E.L., Abuzarova G.R., Connor
    S.R., Chwistek M., Kunyaeva T.A., Michaelson S. (2021) Refractory Dyspnea in a Patient with
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    2021;31(1):109-115. (In Russ.)
  • Pritchard-Jones K, de C V Abib S, Esiashvili N, Kaspers GJL, Rosser J, Van Doorninck JA, Braganca
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    FSM, Morrissey LK, Kozhaeva O, Luna-Fineman S, Khan MS (2021) The Threat of the Covid-19
    Pandemic on Reversing Global Life-Saving Gains in the Survival of Childhood Cancer: A Call for
    Collaborative Action from SIOP, IPSO, PROS, WCC, CCI, St Jude Global, UICC and
    WHPCA ecancer 15:1187
  • Connor S, Centeno C, Garralda MA, Clelland D, Clark D. (2021). Estimating the number of
    patients receiving specialized palliative care globally in 2017. J Pain Symptom Mgmt, 61(4):812-


  • Clelland D, VanSteijn D, Macdonald ME, Connor S, Centeno C, & Clark D. (2020). Global
    development of children’s palliative care: An international survey of in-nation expert perceptions in 2017. Wellcome Open research

    Clelland D, van Steijn D, Whitelaw A, Connor S, Centeno C, & Clark D. Palliative Care in public
    policy: Results from a global survey. Palliative Medicine Reports, 2020; DOI:
  • Radbruch L, de Lima L, Knaul F, Ali Z, Bhatnagar S, Blanchard C, Bruera E, Buitrago R, Burla C,
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    Mgmt, 59(4):794-807.


  • Connor S, De Lima L, Downing J, Ling J, Quillam P, Radbruch L. (2019). The Berlin Declaration – a
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  • Baur N, Centeno C, Garralda E, Connor S, Clark D. (2019). Recalibrating the ‘world map’ of
    palliative care Development. DOI: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.15109.1
  • Pettus K, De Lima L, Mauer M, Husain A, Connor S, Torode J, et al. (2019). Ensuring and
    restoring balance on access to controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes: Joint
    statement from palliative care organizations. J Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, 32(2-
  • Muir C, Davis M, Kuhl EA, Fine PG, Connor S. (2018). A systematic assessment and monitoring
    intervention to improve pain management and quality reporting among home hospice patients.
    J Pain Symptom Mgmt,
    56(6):957-961. doi: 10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2018.08.014


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    Other Publications:

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